Meet Our Team: Celebrating four years with Nate Adams

Rob MerrittUncategorized

Did you know it is Nate Adams’ four-year workiversary at NewBoCo?

Nate works as a Software Architect and Agile Coach for NewBoCo. Whether he is chipping in with expert-level Agile advice during a staff meeting or out conquering a training, he’s always in the know! His technical expertise in software development is a resource our team counts on.

One of the ways Nate makes an impact in his work is the Agile coaching he does with Iowa BIG, where he deploys Agile mindset and practices. Nate says he ultimately wants to help them learn, “be awesome,” and solve complex problems.

We happen to think growing the minds of the generations that are growing now is a pretty big deal. But he doesn’t stop there. He’s also helpful and friendly and we appreciate his input and learning from his stories! From science fiction literature to video games he’s just a great person to have an in-depth conversation with. Here’s what other members of our team had to say:

“Nate’s a karaoke fiend. Request Barenaked Ladies’ ‘One Week.'”

“He has great stories to share, and I miss the potential for Power Pod.”

“Always helpful and friendly! I appreciate his input and learning from his stories!”

“Nate is such a great contributor to the NewBoCo team and he always provides levity. He also introduced me to Beat Saber VR, which has quickly become a family favorite at our house!”

“Nate has always been easy to talk to. From science fiction literature to video games he’s just an great person to have an in depth conversation with.”

“Nate is always great to have in class. The experience he imparts on the DelatV students greatly affects the performance for the new software dev students. To see the growth and skills the students take away from the lessons with Nate, make a clear impact on the success of each teams projects. Aside form work, Nate is a cool guy and always up for a challenge.”

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a guy who leads training sessions on how  to be a good teammate, is a pretty good teammate to have. Not only are we lucky here at NewBoCo to have him, but everyone in our community who works with him is lucky to have him, too.”