Iowa Isn’t Ready for Economic Disruption

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  1. City High School in Iowa City did not teach computer skills when our son and daughter were in school there. When my father gave our son his used computer, he lost interest in almost everything else except his friends and music. Had the school offered computer skills training, he wouldn’t have had to learn it all on his own. The job he has now depends entirely on what he taught himself. He learned about computer hardware, all about cameras, Japanese, and LG home theater equipment on his own. School quickly taught him that if he wanted to learn things that interested him, the world was open to him by computer. After that, we’re lucky he was willing to put forward enough effort to graduate from high school, and he doesn’t lack for smarts. His English teacher arm-wrestled him and convinced him to take English honors class. Boys, in particular ADHD boys, have to be interested and kept interested. Our girl, fortunately, was more obedient and willing to go to college and stay there till she graduated. They both have good jobs, but she has more credentials.

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